An old picture of the Smith farm in Jaffrey

This is a picture of the Leonard Smith house that Mom had hanging in her house. The back of the picture has a notation: “Dunn Farm New Hampshire”, which I think was just a misunderstanding. It is definitely the same layout as the house currently on the site, and the barn to the left, although it didn’t appear in the photo I took earlier this year, is still there as I recall. (It’s actually on the opposite side of the Fitzwilliam Road, which you can see in this picture, just to the left of the house, and looking like it’s going to head into the pond.)

The location of Mount Monadnock in the background is also exactly where it should be. If you look at the detail image, you can make out a few more details, like the geese swimming across just to the right of the house, and the man and dog on the shore just to the left of center.

Update: I drove up to Jaffrey today and tried to take a picture from the same angle as Mom’s picture. I think the original may have been taken a little further up the shore, but my options were limited by a stretch of eight foot high fence (whoever owns the four or five foot wide strip of shore behind it apparently doesn’t want anyone else to enjoy the view!) on one side, and a private residence on the other.

There are far more trees and foliage in today’s picture, to the extent that the house is barely discernable through all the leaves. This is mainly due to the two large maples in front of the house. If you look closely, you can make out the front of the house, and to the right, the breezeway (added after the time of Mom’s picture) in deep shade. You can also see the barn to the left of the road. The only gap in the shoreline vegetation is a boat ramp. which lines up with the Fitzwilliam Road. The angle of the road suggests that today’s picture was taken from a point slightly to the right of the vantage point in the old picture.

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