A visit to Rindge

We visited Rindge with Mom yesterday, and located the house where her Dunn grandparents lived, as well as the family plot in the Hillside Cemetery. Unfortunately the people in the front yard of the house told us they didn’t want me to take a picture of it, so all I have is a capture from the video I was taking prior to stopping. It’s pretty convincing- all of the details visible in the old photo match the new one. (Excluding the missing shutters, of course, and the obvious modifications- the rightmost window on the second floor of the left wing of the house is covered over, presumably because of the exterior chimney that now runs up the front of the house.)

The folks at the library were much more friendly, and gave us directions to the cemetery. There is a large cemetery at the meeting house in the town center, but Mom was sure that wasn’t it. Hillside, just south of the center, was the one. It has a large stone engraved simply ‘Dunn’, and smaller markers for Mildred, Carl, and Reinald, Mary and Daniel’s first child, whose existence Tim had discovered last week on his trip to Rindge. Also buried there is Rita Valentine, daughter of Charles McCray, who changed his name from Guy Dunn. We also visited the cemetery in Peterborough in search of Smiths or Cogswells, but had no luck.

 Click here for all the photos.

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