Grandfather (Sheehan)’s ship comes in

Campania-04_LucaniaFrom talking to Mom tonight, it seems likely that this is indeed the ship that brought Grandfather Sheehan to New York City on St. Patrick’s Day 1901. The ship is HMS Campania, of the Cunard Line. In this picture, it is docked at Liverpool, whence it departed for Queenstown (Cork), where Grandfather embarked, and its final destination, New York City.

According to the ship’s manifest, he is 20 years old, single, and is in possession of five dollars. (On the manifest, “$10” is crossed off, replaced by “$5”). His residence is listed as Waterford, his destination Mechanicsville, N.Y. Under “By whom passage was paid” is written “sister”.

He also appears on a “Record of detained Alien-Passengers“: the reason for detention is listed as “marked hold”. (Among the reasons others were held: “has ticket, no money”; “destination Little Falls, Minn., has ticket to Rockford, Ill., only”.) Whatever the reason behind his detention, his disposition is listed as “go to sister, Maggie Sheehan, Mechanicsville, N.Y.”. He was released at 11 AM.

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