“Annie” leads to Maggie

I couldn’t find an Annie Sheehan in the 1910 census to match the Annie who emigrated with her brother Michael in 1902, but I did find an “Anna”- and then the pieces started falling into place pretty quickly!

Anna Sheehan is listed as the sister in law of the head of household, Patrick Powers, residing at 237 South Main St., Mechanicville NY. Since Anna is single, and she and Patrick have different surnames, it’s safe to assume that Anna is the sister of Patrick’s wife rather than the wife of one of Patrick’s brothers. Which leads to the assumption that Patrick’s wife, Margaret, is none other than “Maggie Sheehan”, the “sister in Mechanicville” listed on the immigration records of Grandfather Sheehan, and his brother Michael and sister Anna.

Margaret and Patrick are said to have been married for nine years at the time of the 1910 census, and have one child, a daughter named Katherine. Patrick is, what else? a fireman, like his brothers Nicholas and Edward in Worcester. Patrick works at the local power station. Anna, now 23, is a shirt maker at a local factory.

The family also appears on the 1920 census, still on South Main St. Anna is no longer with them, but they now have a son, Patrick Jr., born in about 1913. In 1930 they are still on South Main St. (And still no sign of Anna!)

With that information, I was able to track down obituaries for Patrick and Margaret. Margaret’s confirms her relationship to our family- it says she was the “sister of Nicholas Sheehan of Jacksonville, Fla., and Edmund Sheehan of Worcester, Mass.” The Edmund Sheehan must refer to Edward (Uncle Ned) Sheehan. There’s no mention of Anna or Michael, so they’ve probably pre-deceased Margaret.

Patrick Powers lived another ten years, and passed away on December 21, 1962. Patrick’s obituary says he leaves a son, Patrick J. Powers of Cohoes, three grand-children, and three great-grandchildren. His daughter, Katherine Powers Flynn, had died in 1955.

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