Another possible veteran of the Revolution

In the previous post about Solomon Shippey’s service in the Revolution, I mentioned that he’s the only veteran of that war that I’ve found so far. Today I came across a record that might indicate that the elder Stephen Cogswell, another of my fourth great grandfathers, may also have served in that war, albeit briefly.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution”, an index published in 1898, has this:

Cogswell, Stephen. Private, Capt. Joshua Whitney’s co., Col. Josiah Whitney’s regt.; service from July 31, 1778, to Sept. 14, 1778, 1 mo. 15 days, at Rhode Island. Roll dated Worcester.Stephen

Stephen would have been 19 at the time, probably living with his parents in Paxton. If this is our Stephen Cogswell, it would mean that he served in the unsuccessful attempt to push the British off Aquidneck (Rhode) Island, which became known as the Battle of Rhode Island. The battle concluded on August 29, 1778, with the British still in control of Newport, which might explain the brevity of Stephen’s service.

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