Aunt Winnie’s Dog?

winniesdogAnother of the photos Kerry scanned is a slightly blurry image of a dog, with “‘Teddy’ Aunt Winnie’s dog” written across the bottom. And who, you might ask, is Aunt Winnie?

She turns out to have been Winifred (Coleman) Shields. Winifred was born in Ireland in 1890 and emigrated to this country in 1905. Five years later she married Philip Shields, who was the brother of Aunt Belle. Philip’s mother, Bridget (Creegan) Shields was the sister of Catherine (Creegan) Farrar, Nana Dunn’s mother. So “Winnie” wasn’t really an aunt- she was the wife of Nana’s cousin, Philip. Which is why it was just easier to call her “Aunt Winnie”, I guess!

Philip and Winifred had two sons- John, born in 1912, who was a Commander in the US Navy, and worked as a legal officer at the Quonset Point Naval Air Station. David, born in 1915, was my godfather, and, appropriately enough, a post office clerk.

shields1They are all gone now- John died in 1967, and David ten years later. It doesn’t appear that John or David had any children. The last of the Shields to pass away was David’s wife Dorothy, who died in 2003.

All ten members of the Shields family are buried in the family plot at St Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket.

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