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On this day, November 14, 1918: Dad

My father, Edmund Francis Sheehan was born on this day 96 years ago, Thursday, November 14, 1918. The First World War had ended just three days prior- Dad’s Uncle Patrick and his cousin Harold Greene were still serving in the … Continue reading

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Grandfather Sheehan’s criminal record

I’ve posted the sad story of my great great grandfather, Daniel Dunn here- now it turns out that there might have been a little criminal history on the Sheehan side of the family, too. It’s not anything like the Dunn … Continue reading

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Patrick Sheehan’s death certificate

I received the death certificate for Patrick Sheehan recently. As often happens with eagerly anticipated family history documents, it offers some additional information, but doesn’t answer all the questions I thought it might. First things first- I don’t believe there’s … Continue reading

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More on Patrick Sheehan and the Machine Gun Corps

I posted a while back about some additional information I’d found on our grand-uncle, Patrick Sheehan, who is buried in the Sheehan family plot in the Fenor Churchyard. Patrick was the brother of Ellen Sheehan, and of my grandfather, Nicholas … Continue reading

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A new clue about Patrick Sheehan

With all of the talk about the World War I centenary, it’s appropriate that I recently came across another piece of information about my grand uncle, Patrick Sheehan, who served in the Machine Gun Corps in the war. Patrick was … Continue reading

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May 26 1877- Grandmother Mary Casey Sheehan is born

One hundred and thirty six years ago today, on May 26 1877, Mary Casey was born in a little village called Ballaghavorraga (or Ballymarket) in County Waterford. Mary was the sixth child born to Michael and Anastasia (Morrissey) Casey. In … Continue reading

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Our family’s veterans from the Civil War and the Revolution

In the previous entry I wrote about members of our family who had served in the two world wars. We also have veterans who served in wars going at least as far back as the Revolution. I wouldn’t be surprised … Continue reading

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Our family in the 1940 census

The 1940 census was released on Monday, and I’ve been able to locate some of our family, including both Mom and Dad. Finding people in this census is a bit of a challenge, because it hasn’t been indexed yet. The … Continue reading

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The clue on the gravestone

When I located Bridget Sheehan’s grave at St. John’s, it provided some important information- the death dates of her sons, and the surprising fact that Michael and Bridget had had a daughter Mary, who had died in infancy. It was … Continue reading

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Tragedy on Lake Quinsigamond

In my last post I mentioned that St. John’s Cemetery had no record of Bridget (Sheehan) Greene, Grandfather Sheehan’s eldest sister, being buried there. This despite the fact that the Telegram death notices for Bridget and her husband Michael, both … Continue reading

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