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For St Patrick’s Day- another Patrick Sheehan turns up (and two more Johns…)

It seems appropriate on St Patrick’s Day to add another Patrick to the family tree. I’ve also found two more John Sheehans- one of whom was the (presumably) proud father of seven daughters!

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The brother and sister Dad never knew

Dad came from a pretty big family, ay least by current American standards- Nicholas and Mary (Casey) Sheehan had seven children who lived to adulthood. I’ve always had the suspicion that there might have been more children who didn’t make … Continue reading

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Found- my great great grandfather Sheehan?

The National Library of Ireland last week published its collection of microfilmed Catholic parish records on its web site. There’s a lot of information there, but it isn’t all that easy to find details on specific individuals. The records are only indexed by … Continue reading

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A tree sculpture for the Fenor graveyard

Just happened to come across this news video from RTE about a chain saw sculpture that now graces the Fenor churchyard. This is the church Grandfather Sheehan would have attended before he emigrated. It’s also the final resting place of … Continue reading

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More on Patrick Sheehan and the Machine Gun Corps

I posted a while back about some additional information I’d found on our grand-uncle, Patrick Sheehan, who is buried in the Sheehan family plot in the Fenor Churchyard. Patrick was the brother of Ellen Sheehan, and of my grandfather, Nicholas … Continue reading

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A new clue about Patrick Sheehan

With all of the talk about the World War I centenary, it’s appropriate that I recently came across another piece of information about my grand uncle, Patrick Sheehan, who served in the Machine Gun Corps in the war. Patrick was … Continue reading

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Finding Uncle William

When I started researching the family history, I managed to figure out the basics of all of Dad’s siblings except for his brother William. He was Grandfather and Grandmother Sheehan’s second child, born in Worcester in 1904. The only other … Continue reading

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May 26 1877- Grandmother Mary Casey Sheehan is born

One hundred and thirty six years ago today, on May 26 1877, Mary Casey was born in a little village called Ballaghavorraga (or Ballymarket) in County Waterford. Mary was the sixth child born to Michael and Anastasia (Morrissey) Casey. In … Continue reading

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Mystery Christmas Photo

Update: I subsequently figured out who most of the people in this photo are- see “Finding Uncle William“. Among the photographs Kerry scanned and made available on Snapfish, I found this one to be pretty interesting. It’s apparently a Sheehan … Continue reading

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The Sheehans come to America: Bridget

Patrick and Bridget Sheehan had eleven children, and six of them emigrated to America- at least as far as I know at the moment. Here’s a short history… I believe the first of the Sheehans to come to the US … Continue reading

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