Dad’s draft card (and Grandmother Sheehan’s middle name…) recently added a large number of World War II draft registration records to its online databases, and Dad’s registration is among them.

The card images don’t add anything too surprising to Dad’s story. He was living with his parents at 913 Main Street in Worcester, near Clark University. His employer is listed as his older brother Tom, who owned a gas station at 690 Grafton Street. (It’s still there!)

As I’ve written previously, Uncle Tom’s gas station is where Mom met Dad. Mom told me she used to take her father’s car there to get gas.

Draft registrants had to provide the name of someone who would always know their whereabouts. Dad gave his mother’s name- and that provided a new piece of information- I hadn’t known previously that Grandmother Sheehan’s middle name was Agnes!

I’m not sure if there’s any particular significance to the name- there are only two other members of the Casey family in the tree who are named Agnes, and both were born after Grandmother Sheehan.

The back of the card includes physical information- height and weight (6’2″ 206 lb), hair color, etc. And, under “Other obvious physical characteristics” it says “scar under chin”.

Scar under chin?

Dad’s brothers Frank and William also show up in the draft records- check the next entry to see what they reveal…

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