Dad’s spinster cousins

Mom provided another interesting lead today, telling me that Dad had two “spinster” cousins who lived in Worcester. She thought their names were Mary and Anna. In the 1930 census I found two sisters, Mary M. and Anna E. Sheehan, aged 25 and 22 respectively, living with their parents, Edward and Mary Sheehan. The family’s home is at 721 Southbridge St., just north of where I-290 now crosses overhead.

If Mary and Anna were Dad’s cousins, then Edward would have been Grandfather Sheehan’s brother. Edward emigrated to the US in 1902. There is a record of an Edward Sheehan arriving in Boston in 1902, having sailed from Queenstown (Cork), aboard the Commonwealth. (Interestingly, above Edward’s name on the passenger listing is written “(Edmond)”). A note on the listing says that Edward is going to join his brother-in-law, “Wm A Colleran”, of “77 Canterbury St, Worcester Mass”.

Which of course, raises the question of exactly how Colleran is related. Edward is said to be married already on the passenger listing, so it could be that his wife is Colleran’s sister. It could also be that Colleran’s wife Elizabeth, is Edward’s (and Grandfather Sheehan’s) sister. Update: Edward’s wife and William Colleran’s wife were sisters.

By 1940, the family had moved to 121 Maywood St., near Beaverbrook Parkway. In 1945 the Worcester Directory shows them at 46 S Lenox St., off Chamberlain Parkway, near Pleasant St. on the West Side. By 1952 the sisters are living on their own at 269 Lovell St. Jump ahead to 1965, and Anne, still a clerk at Crompton and Knowles, as she was in 1930, is listed as living at 1039 Main St., near Webster Square. Mary does not appear, and presumably has passed away. Anna may have lived on for another twenty years- there is a record in the Massachusetts Death Index, recording the death of Anne E. Sheehan of Worcester, born on September 29, 1907, died August 21, 1986.

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