Dunns in the news

It isn’t exactly front page copy, but these brief items from the Fitchburg Sentinel give you a glimpse into the story of the Dunns in Rindge:

July 29, 1896:

“The oldest child of Dan Dunn, the blacksmith at East Rindge, died quite suddenly, last week: the funeral was attended, Sunday, by Rev. Mr. Richardson.” 

March 14, 1900:

“Charles Duplease has sold his place in the village, formerly owned by John M. Ballou, to Daniel Dunn, the village blacksmith, who will occupy the premises.” 

May 4, 1900:

“Daniel Dunn has moved with his family into the house recently purchased of Charles Duplease. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn were made happy, last week, by the birth of a daughter.”

October 25, 1906:

“Ralsamon D. Converse and Daniel Dunn have lost valuable horses within two weeks.”

September 24, 1908:

“Mrs. Daniel Dunn of East Rindge took her son, Carl, to New York, last week, for treatment at one of the leading hospitals of that city.”

June 17, 1909:

“At the last meeting of the M. P. Wilder Grange, the evening was given to “Flowers”. There were 10 recitations on flowers, and two songs about them. There was a contest of 10 minutes to write the names of wild flowers… Mrs. M. Alice Dunn won third prize writing 44… all agreed it was a very interesting meeting.”

June 20, 1912:

At the last meeting of the East Rindge W.C.T.U. [Women’s Christian Temperance  Union], the following program was given: Dialogue by young ladies, reading, … concert recitation by Mildred Dunn and Geraldine Truman…”

July 30, 1914:

“Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunn have as guests Mr. Dunn’s sisters from Lowell.” [This is the first we’ve heard of Daniel having siblings.]

October 13, 1914:

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dunn of Winchendon spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Dan Dunn.”

March 29, 1916:

“On Tuesday evening, March 21, Marshall P. Wilder Grange held its regular meeting at Mechanics Hall, East Rindge. Following the meeting, the invited guests were admitted to the hall and heard an address on the progress of the Grange and the work it has done, by Mrs. D. Dunn. Following Mrs. Dunn’s address, Mr. Felker gave a talk on the opportunities of New Hampshire farmers. There was a one act farce entitled “The Interrupted Proposal” which was carried through with great success. Following the farce the guests and Grange members marched to the dining room to a very elaborate supper. After supper everybody retreated to the hall again and spent the rest of the evening in dancing.”

July 6, 1916:

“Earl Dunn was at home for over the Fourth.” 

November 9, 1916:

“Mildred Dunn spent a few days last week in Worcester at her brother’s.”

March 29, 1917:

“Mrs. Earl Dunn of Worcester is visiting at Daniel Dunn’s”

May 17, 1917:

“Guy and Earl Dunn of Worcester were week-end visitors at their homes here.”

July 26, 1917:

“Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunn and son have been visiting at Daniel Dunn’s”

August 8, 1917:

“Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dunn and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunn and son of Worcester, were at Daniel Dunn’s over Sunday.”

January 17, 1919:

“W. L. Robinson  and Earl L. Dunn spent the week-end with relatives in Worcester.”

April 17, 1919:

“Mrs. M. Alice Dunn and Miss Mildred are spending a few days at Worcester with Guy Dunn. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunn were guests in town last week.”

July 7, 1919:

“Earl Dunn has sold his automobile to F. A. Stratton of East Jaffrey.”

September 5, 1919:

“Mr. and Mrs, Earl L. Dunn, Mrs. Mary Dunn and daughter Mildred visited in Worcester recently and attended the New England Fair.”

September 11, 1919:

“Mrs. Alice and Miss Mildred Dunn have gone to Worcester with their son [presumably Guy/Charles] who has recently spent a few days in town.” [Just before this item is this: “Rindge saw its first airplane Saturday, on its way to Jaffrey.”

October 10, 1919:

“Mrs. M. Alice Dunn and daughter Mildred are spending a week in Worcester with Guy L. Dunn.”

December 26, 1919:

“Mrs. M. Alice Dunn and Mildred are in Worcester for the [Christmas holiday] week”

April 9, 1920:

“Miss Mamie Leary and Miss Kate Dunn of Lowell were guests of Mrs. M. Alice Dunn over Sunday.”

May 29, 1920:

“Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunn of Worcester passed the week-end with his mother.”

December 11, 1920:

“Mrs. M.A. Dunn and Mildred are in Worcester for a few days.”

February 3, 1921:

“Earl L. Dunn and family have moved to Worcester, where Mr. Dunn has obtained a position. He has sold his place here in the village to Edward S. Burnan. Charles McCray and family have also moved to Worcester.” [This is the first mention of “Charles McCray”, rather than “Guy Dunn”. He actually appears to have moved to Worcester, and changed his name, in 1914.]

July 8, 1921:

“Visitors over the Fourth were … Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunn [he’s back!] and two children of Worcester and Miss Kate Dunn of Lowell at Mrs. M. Alice Dunn’s”.

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