Earl Dunn Sr.’s place of business

Uncle Bud told me that his father owned a building at 6 Claremont St., near Clark University, and operated his roofing business out of it. Here’s a picture of the building, (barely recognizable under the siding and weeds), along with Bud’s memories:

“[Dad] went into business for himself in 1932 or 1933.  He was operating his business from the building he owned at 6 Claremont St. in Worcester.  This was a two story brick building with a basement and a distinctive mansard roof.  It was on the east side of Claremont about a half block north of Main Street…. You entered from Claremont St. and there was a driveway from the property exiting on Silver Street. Dad bought the building sometime around 1940 or 1941…  His sheet metal shop was in the basement and we parked the trucks on the ground floor level.  He rented a part of the building to the distributor for Schuler’s Potato Chips, and he used to bring home large cans of potato chips.  The brick building on the corner was the Home for Wayward Girls, a Catholic institution that provided a home and birthing place for unwed mothers”

“…sad to see the Claremont St. building in the sad shape it’s in.  It was a very stately and stout brick building, and the vertical surfaces of the mansard roof were slate… I went there every day after school to work in the shop and answer the phone for Dad.  Classes at Classical High ended at 1:00 P.M. and I would walk to the shop and work until Dad came back from the day’s job and I’d ride home with him.”

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