Grandfather Sheehan’s brother Edward

Having learned about Dad’s spinster cousins yesterday, I tried to find some more information on their father: Dad’s uncle, and Grandfather’s brother, Edward. According to his draft registration in 1918, his full name was Edward Frank Sheehan. If Frank was short for Francis, that makes you wonder if all the boys in the family had that as their middle name. That was Grandfather’s middle name, and it may have been Michael’s as well, since his middle initial is “F”.

The draft registration gives Edward’s address as 1 Milton St., which is just a short distance from the house at 2 Milton Place, where Grandfather lived next door to Michael Sheehan in 1904. Grandfather Sheehan’s draft registration forms indicate that he was missing part of the third finger on his right hand. Coincidentally, Edward’s form, though hard to read, appears to say “First two fingers right hand are bad”.

Which may have had something to do with his employment: in 1918 Edward worked for the American Steel and Wire Company, at the South Works on Millbury Street.

Possibly because of a decline in work at the steel mill, Edward left to become a fireman at the Reed and Prince Screw works off Cambridge St. by 1930. He worked there into his 60’s, and apparently retired sometime before 1950, when he is listed in the Worcester City Directory without an occupation.

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