Grandmother Sheehan’s parents found?

A Google search may have turned up Grandmother Sheehan’s parents. I had been Googling various bombinations of Sheehan, Casey, Mechanicville, Dungarvan, etc. On one list of results was a query posted on the Rootsweb mailing list way back in 2001, requesting information on the Casey family from Stradbally, Waterford.
Stradbally, c. 1900
The query gave the parents’ names as Michael and Anastasia (Morrissey) Casey, and listed among their children a girl named Mary. What caught my eye was the mention of a marriage between Mary Casey and Nicholas Sheehan. Their children were listed as William, Francis, Mary, Edward, and “????”. Not particularly conclusive, but also included in the request was the information that most of the Casey and Powers children had settled in Mechanicville, NY, and the birth dates listed for some of them were in the 1870’s and 80’s. Grandmother Sheehan was born in about 1880. Mom had thought that she was from Dungarvan, like Grandfather Sheehan, but Stradbally is right next door to Dungarvan.

I was able to get in touch with the gentleman who posted the query, and am hoping he’ll be able to provide some more information. Meanwhile, I’ve added most of the individuals listed in his query to the tree, tentatively!

Stay tuned…

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