No leads, but an interesting story…

On my way to the bike trail at Rutland State Park Saturday, I stopped in at the cemetaries in Paxton and Rutland looking for Cogswells and Seavers. Stephen and Lucy Cogswell are probably buried in Peterborough (or possibly Jaffrey or Dublin), but they were married, and had several children, in Rutland, and Stephen’s father is said to have come from Paxton.

I didn’t find any Cogswell or Seaver headstones in either graveyard, but I did come across an interesting stone in Rutland. The inscription says it is the grave of Daniel Campbell, who emigrated from Scotland in 1716, and “was murdered on his own farm in Rutland by Ed. Fitzpatrick an Irishman on March ye 8 Anno 1744 in ye 48 year of his age. Man knoweth not his time.”

According to the ‘History of Worcester County’ published in 1879, this was in fact the first murder recorded in the County. And while the “Irishman” was tried for murder and sentenced to death, the same history notes that no record exists of the actual execution.

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