On this day, April 23, 1861

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Hannah Marcella (Smith) Harrington. Hannah is not a direct ancestor- she was the sister of Leonard O. Smith, my great great grandfather. Hannah was the fourth of five children of John and Ruth (Shippy) Smith, born in Foster, Rhode Island in 1822. The family subsequently moved to Killingly, Connecticut, just a few miles away.

It was in Killingly, in 1846 that Hannah married George Smith Harrington, originally from Woodstock, Connecticut. George and Hannah had four children, but only one, Leonard W., lived to adulthood. Their fourth child, who seems to have been unnamed, was born on April 16, 1861, and died two days later. Hannah died, presumably from childbirth complications, five days after that.

Eleven months after Hannah’s death, on March 18, 1862, George married Hannah’s elder sister, Margaret Smith. Margaret was 45 at the time, and the couple had no children of their own. By 1870, George and Margaret had moved to Dublin , New Hampshire, following the lead of Margaret’s brother Leonard, and Leonard’s in-laws, Stephen and Lucy Cogswell. George’s son Leonard went with them, and eventually married Eugenia Ann Burpee, the daughter of their next door neighbor.

According to the History of Dublin, George Smith Harrington acquired Lot 12, No. 1, from Asaph Burpee in 1868. George transferred ownership of the property to Leonard in 1889. Lot 12, No. 2 was owned by Abbott Burpee, Eugenia’s father. In 1902, Leonard Harrington acquired Lot 12, No. 2.

Leonard and Eugenia had at least five children by 1910. Their surviving offspring would be the only relatives we would have left in the area. Allen Chamberlain, in his 1936 book Annals of the Grand Monadnock, mentions Leonard, and states that his children still owned the property at that time.

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