On this day, June 15

isaacwilsonbaptismThere are two notable anniversaries today. The first is relatively recent- it was on this day in 1966 that Isabelle F. Shields, our Aunt Belle, died. Mom was named after Aunt Belle, and like Mom, Aunt Belle was a teacher. She wasn’t really our Aunt, or Mom’s. She was the daughter of John and Bridget (Creegan) Shields. Bridget was the sister of Catherine (Creegan) Farrar, Mom’s maternal grandmother. She was therefore the cousin of Mom’s own mother, Nana Dunn. That makes her Mom’s first cousin once removed, rather than an aunt. (And my first cousin twice removed).

The other anniversary is one of the oldest- today is the birth anniversary of Isaac Wilson, one of my tenth great grandfathers. Isaac was born on this day in 1567, in Halifax, Yorkshire. That creates another link to the Leeds area, where great grandfather Daniel Farrar came from. Isaac’s son Nathaniel emigrated to Boston in the late 1600’s, where his daughter Hannah married Shubael Seaver, the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Ballard) Seaver.

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