On this day, November 9

On this day in 1916, the Fitchburg Sentinel reported that “Mildred Dunn spent a few days last week in Worcester at her brother’s.”

Mildred is Mom and Uncle Bud’s Aunt Mildred, sister of my grandfather Dunn. The brother is Guy Dunn, who had run away from home a few years before, changed his name to Charles McCray, married, and settled in Worcester with his wife and son.

Aunt Mildred lived in Rindge until her mother, Mary Alice Dunn’s, death in 1922, when she moved to Worcester, living with her Aunt Etta and Uncle Walter Scott on Apricot St. Mildred never married, and continued living in the Apricot St. house after the Scotts passed away, until she died in 1981. Her grave is in the Dunn family plot in Rindge.

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