Re-mapping the ancestors

The 1877 map of Jaffrey mentioned in an earlier post suggested the location of the house where Mary Alice Dunn grew up, but I found an even better map this week. It’s a high quality scan from the 1892 D.H. Hurd atlas map of Jaffrey. In this image, the house at the corner of what is now Gilmore Pond Road and Old Fitzwilliam Road is clearly labeled “L.Smith”.

The collection also has a map of Rindge from the same atlas. The name Dunn doesn’t appear, so they may not have moved to Rindge yet- the first mention of Daniel as East Rindge’s blacksmith in the Fitchburg Sentinel is in 1896, and they didn’t purchase the East Rindge house until 1900. The house is readily identifiable, though, bearing the name of “J.H. Ballou”, who lived there before the Dunns.

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