Rusty and George

Mom came up with our cousin Rusty’s married name- Brunt. Rusty was born Eleanor Sheehan, daughter of our Uncle William and Aunt Helen in 1928. She married George A. Brunt in about 1946. They moved to Florida, eventually settling in Sunrise, a planned town that started out as Sunrise Golf Village. They had two children, a son named Patrick, born in 1959, and a daughter, Janet, born in 1946. Janet married Jerry Matthew Frederick in 1988.

George Brunt died in 1992, at the age of 70. He was buried in the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. A Memorial Day story on the cemetery in the Orlando Sentinel in 1998 was accompanied by a photograph, which I haven’t found a copy of yet, whose caption reads: “Eleanor Brunt (right) of Ocala contemplates red flowers she put on her husband’s burial site.”

Rusty passed away on September 30, 2004. She is buried next to George, in Section 112 Site 2294 in the Florida National Cemetery.

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