Then and now- the Sheehans in 1917

I always enjoy the Sunday Telegram’s “Then and Now” feature. It displays an old photo of some Worcester County location, and asks readers to identify the place. On Monday, the paper publishes a current photo of the spot.

Today’s image is one that would have been familiar to Grandfather and Grandmother Sheehan. It’s St. John’s Episcopal Church, on Lincoln Street. Our grand parents, needless to say, did not attend the church- but they lived next door to it in 1917.

The Telegram photo appears to have been taken in the 1950’s. The camera was on the east side of Lincoln St., looking west. The car is parked on the side of a short dead end street named Keefe Place.

The house the Sheehans lived in is just  out of camera range, on the left side of the street. While it isn’t visible in the photo, maps show it as having the typical three decker layout.

Source: Then & Now: Do you know where this is? – News – – Worcester, MA

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